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Train like your favorite celebrities and athletes

When I first started weight lifting and strength training to improve my physique, all I knew was that I wanted to look like my favorite celebrities. Whether it was Dwayne Johnson's physique in Fast and Furious, Zac Efron in Baywatch, Chris Hemsworth in Thor or Arnold Schwarzenegger in Pumping Iron, I knew I wanted a celebrity level physique. I looked up and researched their workouts and plans and I would do them everyday and I saw improvements and changes in my body immediately. Click on the celebrities button where you can find some of Hollywood's best physiques and their workout plans from different websites like Muscle and Fitness and Men's/Women's Health, so that you can train like your favorite celebrities also. Along with wanting an amazing physique, I was also an athlete and depending on the sport I was doing I wanted to train like the best of the best so that I could be the best I could possibly be. If you're an athlete and want to improve and train like the best in the world then click on the Athletes button and check out their workouts and plans.

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