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Here you can find information, facts and tips that can help you learn and understand your nutrition and diet to make it as effective for your personal needs as possible.

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Here is some information and facts from myself and other professional nutritionists and personal trainers

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There are two ways of eating when bulking. One is what's considered a "dirty" bulk, when you try to increase the amount of fat in your body by eating bad foods like candy, chips, pizza and more while also exercising. This will in fact make you bigger but unless you have a fast metabolism, I highly recommend a "clean" bulk. A clean bulk is when you simply increase the amount of calories you consume while also eating healthier and better foods. A clean bulk may take more time to see a dramatic change in size, but the wait is definitely worth it. You will be leaner and have less body fat than if you were to dirty bulk. Think about it this way, would you rather methodically and strategically add clay to a sculpture, shaping it the way you want in a controllable manner? Or would you rather add a chunk of clay and then have to chisel it down. I think we all would rather do the first version. Don't get me wrong, in order to bulk you have to add fat, but it's definitely better to slowly and healthily add fat rather than overloading so that it's uncontrollable. So what are some foods that you could eat to clean bulk. Well here's a list:

  • Chicken

  • Salmon

  • Lean Beef

  • Quinoa

  • Oats/Oatmeal/Grits

  • Avocado

  • Nuts (ex. Almonds)

  • Milk

  • Beans

  • Pasta

  • Granola

  • Eggs

  • And most importantly Whey Protein

Incorporate your bulk around these foods, strength and hypertrophy training, and protein shake.

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I'll keep it nice, short and brief. Stop trying to get rid of fruits because of the sugar in them. I've had people tell me, "I need to stop eating fruit, too much sugar." STOP IT!! No you don't. Fruits and Vegetables are good for you period, end of story. Natural foods have natural things, in this case we're talking about fruits which naturally grow with fructose and glucose inside of them. I can promise you that out of everything you consume in a day that contain sugar, fruits are the least of your worries. Even the fruits that contain the highest amount of sugar are made up of less than 20% sugar. Here's why you need fruit and the last thing you should be doing is taking it out of your nutrition; fruits also contain vitamins, minerals, fibers, phytochemicals, and water. So yes fruits are good for you, eat them, its really as simplistic as that.

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Link from Harvard University about the Keto Diet below

What is Keto?

Although in recent years Keto has been seen as a common diet that helps with losing weight, ketogenic diets are actually intended to help children with a high frequency of seizures. Keto diets for those looking to lose weight only results in temporary change in appearance. There is actually very little certainty of long term affect, including safety. Keto diets work by allowing your body to find alternative energy/fuel sources. Rather than using the glucose resources from carbs, it relies on stored fat, more specifically it focuses on a fuel referred to as ketone bodies. In order for your body to produce ketone bodies you would need to cut your carb intake down to about 20-50 grams a day. Which is an insanely low amount of carbs. It takes days for your body to even reach the state of ketosis and consuming too much protein gets in the way of achieving that state. Furthermore, there are many RISKS involved in this diet such as NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY, LIVER PROBLEMS, KIDNEY PROBLEMS, CONSTIPATION, MOOD SWINGS AND FUZZY THINKING. I do not recommend the keto diet to my clients because of the health risks and because there are better ways of achieving your desired look for a more permanent amount of time.

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The Affects of Steroids on the Body

Steroids are a category of molecule that have similar structures but different functions. But when it comes to Performance Enhancing Drugs, steroids are man-made chemicals created to act as the natural hormones in our bodies. These steroids are contained in a subset that are primarily centered around testosterone. Steroids have been used by elite athletes since the 1950s, nowadays a large majority of steroid users who partake in steroids for professional purposes aren’t elite athletes, but rather bodybuilders, who are seeking a particular appearance. Steroids have two general effects on the human body; androgenic and anabolic. Androgenic is also known as masculinizing and anabolic is also known as growth-promoting. These effects are similar to the effects of natural testosterone that occurs in the body. These natural testosterone occurrences aren’t only strong promoters of male sex characteristics but are also important in each individual’s general growth. Therefore one two of the most common side effects are the promotion of body and facial hair growth, increased muscle mass and strength, an enlargement of vocal cords and deepening of the voice. Most recreational steroid users seek the anabolic effects related to muscular growth. Protein synthesis is promoted by steroids. Steroids are also cortisol blockers, which is a molecule that breaks down substances, including protein. They also push muscular development over fat, boosting our metabolism and shrinking our fat deposits. Therefore, along with their negative side effects, steroids are also effective in treating various illnesses and injuries. It’s important to note though that although these steroids can be used for health benefits, they still aren’t safe for recreational use. Those taking steroids for muscular enhancement usually take steroids at far higher doses than those that use them for medical purposes. Abusing steroids, or any drug for that matter, can lead to harmful and unwanted side effects. We also know that steroid use is certainly a risk to adolescents. If a teenager decided to use steroids during puberty, there is a high likelihood that their bones would mature far earlier than their body is ready which can lead to a number of growth issues. They are also at a higher risk of developing the psychological and emotional effects of steroids such as “roid rage”. About 60% of steroid users experience roid rage. Using steroids can also damage and impact your liver, kidneys, and increase your blood pressure to dangerous levels. Along with the anabolic effects, there are a number of androgenic effects that occur too. For women this may include enlargement of the clitoris, increase in body hair and permanent deepening of the voice. For men, it can lead to enlargement of the breasts and shrinking of the testicles. For both genders, it can lead to increased infertility. Lastly, overtime, steroid users become more dependent the longer they are on, especially as their tolerance increases.​

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