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Here you can find workouts that not only are used and customized for your favorite celebrities but are also very effective. Nobody can look exactly like any particular celebrity or person, because every(body) is different. That doesn't mean you can't look like anybody else but make sure your confident and make your body your own and not like any particular persons. Credit to the other websites credited and linked for the workout resources.

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Workout Plan created by Efron's trainer Patrick Murphy

Zac Efron has definetly earned the respect of the fitness industry, especially with the shape he developed for his role as Matt Brody in Baywatch alongside Dwayne Johnson. He got down to 5% body fat with this workout plan and an insane nutrition to get him to bulk up from previous roles like Neighbors and Dirty Grandpa in which Efron was in amazing shape but not like he was for Baywatch. Remember that in order to build dense, lean and defined muscle requires a disciplined nutrition and workout plan so be prepared. Efron did this workout plan for about 12 weeks. Pay attention to the directions for the workout as they were imperative for Zacs development and level of definition. Check out Efron's workout plan from Muscle & Fitness. Link Below.

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Workouts and workout plans created by Dwayne's strength and conditioning coach Dave Rienzi

Dwayne Johnson, aka "The Rock", has changed and evolved his physique over the last decade. Due to his roots of professional football and wrestling he was always a bigger sized guy and as his career transcended into acting he has gotten leaner, and more muscular. He is currently the leanest and most muscular he has ever looked and is really in the best shape of his life at around 50+ years old. Someone with the type of body he has deserves super human and godly roles, and those are exactly the type of roles he signs up for. Some of those roles include a god in Hercules (Hercules), a super human in Hobbs (Fast and Furious Franchise) and an unstoppable video game character in Dr. Smoulder Bravestone (Jumanji). DJ lives by not needing to look the part, because the part looks like him. Here are a few of his workouts and workout plans he's used to prepare for certain roles. Hercules Workout plan from Muscle & Fitness and Jumanji Workout Routine from Men's Journal.

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Two workouts designed for Brie Larson created by celebrity trainer Jason Walsh

Brie Larson is one of the baddest, strongest, and fittest women in Hollywood today. Not only does she play the badass Marvel superhero Captain Marvel, but she herself is a true badass. She's a world renowned actress, with an Oscar and Golden Globe award. Not only does she kill it on the screen, she also kills it in the gym. She has pushed her trainers car, performing heavy hip lifts, and loves beating tired up. her training is extremely intense and it was important that it was because to play Captain Marvel she needed to be agile, fit, strong, and resilient. Two workouts she does to stay in shape are below. The first one is from Men's Health and the second is a body weight home workout that she shared while we were all in quarantine (provided by WELL+GOOD). Try them out and if they work for you then add it to your program or workout plan.

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One of Chris Hemsworth's actual workout routines and a home workout used to get in godly shape, created by his trainers Luke Zocchi and Duffy Gaver

Chris Hemsworth has been able to adapt and change his body for a number of roles throughout his career. For the first couple Avengers and Thor movies, Chris had put on an incredible amount of muscle mass. When he reached Thor Ragnarok though he was by far in the best shape of his life (picture on the left). One of his latest roles has been Men In Black, in which he trained for a more athletic and agility focused physique. Below is one home workout that Chris and his current trainer Luke Zocchi and one of Hemsworth's workout plans that got him in godly form.

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Will Smith's Workout to get jacked for his role in Suicide Squad

Will Smith, as his son has stated, is "an icon living". He's a veteran in the music and film industry. His resume includes; first ever hip hop artist to win a Grammy, 3 NCAAP Awards with 13 nominations, 2 Oscar nominations and has won 4 Grammys. Along with that he has been in at least 39 movies and his most iconic role as himself in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Almost as impressive as his movie and music career, is his physique. Will Smith decades ago used to be thinner and lankier, I mean the guy is 6'2 and used to play basketball. Now though, it is very clear that he has one of the most amazing physiques in hollywood history and has been able to change and evolve it for each role he takes. For this post though, we're gonna be looking at his role as Deadshot in Suicide Squid. He plays a sharpshooting assassin and in the movie, he's buff/jacked/huge and much more. At the time Smith was 46 years old and looked like the picture to the left. That's extremely impressive. Below is a link to his workout in preparation for this role. Give it a try and if you like it add it to your routine.

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Jennifer Lopez's exact diet and routines

Jennifer Lopez (J Lo) is 51+ years old. Yes the woman on the left is 51+ years old. J Lo is still on top of the game and is continuously busy. She's one of the most successful stars of this era and simply doesn't stop. She was the first woman to have a number one movie and album debut in the same week, she has sold over 25 million albums worldwide and is the richest person of Latin American descent in Hollywood. How does she keep going and going and going... she stays fit. Below is a link to her diet and workout routine so you can stay fit over 50 too.

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Robbie's Exercises and Cardio from her trainer Andie Hecker

Margot Robbie is one of the greatest talents of this generation. The charisma and emotion she brings to each character is unmatched and allows you understand what her character is going through. Some of her most notable characters include, Harley Quinn from Birds of Prey and The Suicide Squad, Tonya Harding from the Bio-Pic I, Tonya, as well as Sharon Tate from Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Each role required Robbie to be in an intense physical condition to allow to both perform and look the part. Check out the 31+ year old Academy Award nominated actor's workout exercises and cardio routine (from the Los Angeles Times).

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Celebrity trainer Alex Fine's Arms and Abs workout for Actor Chase Stokes

Outer Banks star, Chase Stokes, has been stealing teenage hearts since 2020 with his character John B. In order to play this 17 year old mysterious character, Stokes had to look as teenage-like as possible. In order to make this happen, Stokes' trainer implemented an Abs and Arms workout as apart of his routine for the Netflix Original Series. Below is the workout performed and walked through by both Stokes and Fine. Enjoy yet another Men's Health "Train Like" additions.

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Jordan's trainer Corey Calliet shares the Workout Plan that got MBJ jacked for his roles

A once in a lifetime talent, Michael B. Jordan has been an influential and money making machine his entire career. He brings a charm and physicality to each role he takes. His star performances come not only from his remarkable talent but also from his immense muscularity. His ability to act in both action and drama genres is impressive and incomparable. His latest roles include, Adonis Creed from the Creed/Rocky franchise, Erik Killmonger from Black Panther, and John Clark from Tom Clancy's Without Remorse. Additionally, Jordan runs his own Production Company focused around hiring minorities. The man is nonstop and barely sleeps. One of the ways Michael finds the energy to keep going is from his intense and effective workouts. Corey Calliet (Jordan's trainer) gave Men's Health a look inside a signature Michael B. Jordan workout. Also check out the Muscle & Fitness Michael B. Jordan workout for Creed below.

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Miles Teller circuit workout to get him in Top Gun shape

Most notable for his comedic, dramatic and romantic roles in previous films, Miles Teller shocked the entire world with his amazing and aesthetic physique in his film "Top Gun: Maverick". He played a young pilot named nicknamed Rooster, and performed alongside the legendary Tom Cruise. Teller seemingly came out of nowhere with his charming and laid back performance, and the girls (and guys) went nuts. How could you blame them. With his physique on full display during a beach football game scene in the film, Teller was certainly giving Efron a run for his money. Getting into this kind of shape is no easy feat and requires a fully developed and affective training regime. Below is an example of not only his training but also an example of the kind of nutrition he was consuming. Check out the article and video from Men's Health below for more information.

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The workout plan of The Woman King

One of the most notable actors of all time, Viola Davis has had an amazing career full of talent and longevity. Lately, she has been able to take all of our breaths away not only with her incredible acting skills but also with her incredible physique for her most recent role in The Woman King. Coming into the year with one of the most impressive looks of the year, Davis worked tirelessly to make sure she fit the role connected to her character's title. At the time of training for her role, Viola Davis was 56!!! If you ask me the woman in this picture doesn't look like your ordinary 56 year old and to look as good as she did requires hard work and consistence both in the gym and in the kitchen. She's managed to once again blow us all away. Below is a link to an article by Popsugar discussing her workout plan and different exercises she utilized in the process.

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Jonathan Majors' Boxing and Supervillain Back Workout

Jonathan Majors. May be the first time you're seeing his name but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if you've seen it before. He's been in a number of notable films and series but as recently hit his stride with his two major upcoming movies Creed III and Ant-Man and Wasp Quantumania. In order to prepare for these two roles he's had to get in the best shape of his life, and in my opinion, the best shape an actor has been in all year. That's saying a lot when comparing him to Chris Hemsworth's Thor (Love and Thunder) and Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam. After recently being on the cover of Men's Health, people are struck by his physique and bodybuilding like frame. One might beg for a piece of whatever Majors did to get in such amazing shape. Luckily he did, sharing both a video and discussing his training regimen with Men's Health. So...enjoy.

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