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Everyone needs to stretch. Period. It's fundamental in making sure that you stay healthy for as long as possible but also allows you become more flexible. For example, when you're flexible your squats can get deeper and you can get more development out of your leg/squat days. So make sure you stretch well before and after you exercise and at least once a day. Not sure what to do, check out these stretching and yoga sessions.

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A shoulder stretching session created by and performed by @obi_vincent.

Here's a great stretching routine from Obi Vincent that he does before his intense shoulder workouts. Give it a go and see if this fires up your shoulders before your workout too. Check out his instagram which has a lot of other workouts and stretching videos/sessions.

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A warm up and mobility session for Olympic Weightlifting with Olympic weight lifter Sonny Webster

If you're looking for a warm up and mobility session before a heavyweight workout or lift, well here's the perfect video for you. It's a great instructional and informative video about how to get the most out of your mobility when performing heavy movements like squats, dead lifts, and more. The instructions and exercises are performed by Olympic Weightlifter Sonny Webster. Check it out and give it a try. Remember it's always good to stretch before and after working out/lifting weights/participating in athletics.

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An information and educational video on how the brain is connected to yoga.

In order to truly being a journey full of progressive strides towards flexibility and overall healthiness, you have to know the science behind what your actually doing. This video gives you a great explanation behind the connection between mind and yoga. Check out their YouTube channel, Brain Book for more educational videos.

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