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Training For Aesthetics/Hypertrophy

  • 13Weeks
  • 249Steps


In this 3 month program we will be focusing on building clean, healthy, strong, and dense muscle so you are in the best shape you have ever been in. More importantly though, this program will focus on simple bodybuilding basics that will lay a foundation for individuals to use when getting started on their fitness journeys. We want to build as much muscle as possible while also losing as much fat as possible. Bodybuilding techniques as well as cardio and individual calorie intakes will all be utilized in this 13 week program. Keep in mind that, as usual, "abs are made in the kitchen", be mindful of what you are eating. Eat clean, train hard, and you will see progress. AND DON'T WORRY, EACH DAY HAS A LINK TO A PLAYLIST OF TUTORIALS FOR ALL EXERCISES IN THIS PROGRAM, SO YOU CAN BETTER UNDERSTAND FORM AND KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING IN THE GYM.

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